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Upload MIB in Orion Universal Device Poller

Updated: July 24, 2018


This article provides information about how to add a MIB into the Orion Universal Device Poller.


  • NPM version 11.x and later


You cannot import a MIB into the Universal Device Poller (UnDP).

To add a MIB to UnDP, send the MIB from the vendor to SolarWinds, so that our developers can include the MIB in the SolarWinds MIB.cfg file.

When it is available to download from the Customer Portal, SolarWinds will inform you so that you can download it and replace the current MIB.cfg located in the Orion server with the updated one.

The MIBs.cfg file is a local file installed on your hard drive, located at C:\programdata\solarwinds\. SolarWinds posts an update each week on the portal under Downloads > Orion MIB Database.




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