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Upgrade Orion modules on additional pollers and web servers

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Updated March 11th, 2016


IMPORTANT: Before doing any work on your database please make sure that you have a current backup as this will make a permanent change to your database.  

  1. Download the installer files either from Customer Portal or through direct links and place them in the corresponding Servers.
  2. Stop the SolarWinds Services - Start and stop Orion services.
  3. Double-click the installer to upgrade the modules on the Main Poller.
  4. Do this for all modules you are trying to upgrade
  5. Run the Configuration Wizard - Run the Orion Configuration Wizard.
  6. If Steps 3 and 4 are successful, repeat them on each of the Additional Pollers using the Additional Poller installer file.
  7. Double-click the WebOnly Installer and perform the NPM upgrade installation on the Additional Web Server.
  8. Run the Configuration Wizard by selecting the Web Part - Run the Orion Configuration Wizard
  9. Start the SolarWinds Services.
  10. Verify if your Orion applications are upgraded to the newer version.
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