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Unable to download WinPcap file installation error

Updated 03/14/18


During installation, the following error is received: We are unable to download file WinPcapSilent.msi from main server. Please check connection to main server and try again.


The SolarWinds Orion Offline installer may fail as it tries to check for a specific version of WinPcapSilent.msi that is different to the primary installation directory.



  • Scalability engines (Pollers, web servers, HA)
  • All Orion products
  • SolarWinds Orion Installer



Incorrect MSI files.



  1. Uninstall WinPcap.
  2. Rerun the installer. The proper version of WinPcap will be installed.
  3. If this fails, on the scalability engine that is failing please open the following most recent log file:
  4. C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Logs\Installer\DATE\AdministrationService.Client.log
  5. Scroll down to the bottom you shall see the exact version it is failing to download along with the public urls they come from (even though this is offline and we are grabbing from primary poller)
  6. Example ONLY:
  8. Head back to primary polling engine, uninstall WinPcap and download using the two urls both the install the files mentioned within the installer log file.
  9. If you only see one url in this log, you can change the url to the non x86 one of add the x86 one.
  10. Example ONLY:
  12. Re-run the installer on the Scalability engine.




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