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Unable to Assign Licenses

Updated December 18, 2017


In the License Manager of the Orion Web Console, activated licenses show "License Not Assigned" instead of the assignment to a server. When you attempt to assign the license to a server, the Assign button is greyed out and not clickable.


  • Orion Platform 2017 and later


The table dbo.OrionServers is blank.

The table dbo.OrionServers does not contain an entry for an additional polling engine or web server.


  1. Run the Configuration Wizard, and select all options.
  2. When the Configuration Wizard reaches the point of creating a web request or later, check dbo.OrionServers and confirm an entry for the Orion server is present.
  3. After the Configuration Wizard finishes, stop all SolarWinds services. Then open an administrative command prompt and run the following command:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Licensing\migration.exe /expireall
  4. Start all SolarWinds services.
  5. Activate licenses, and confirm they are assigned to the server.
  6. Licenses in some cases may need to be reset through Solarwinds Customer Services



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