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Troubleshoot Orion database maintenance issues found by Active Diagnostics

Updated March 5, 2019


This article helps troubleshoot database maintenance issues identified through Active Diagnostics (AD). Any database issues can lead to problems such as incorrect or empty statistics data charts, performance issues due to database index fragmentation, or running out of disk space.

Database maintenance logs are located under \ProgramData\Solarwinds\Logs\Orion. Database maintenance log files start from swdebugMaintenance.log.


Products running on Orion Platform version 2017.3 and higher, such as:

  • NPM 12.2
  • NCM 7.7




Database maintenance failures

  • Database Maintenance fails to start or complete. 
  • The Database Maintenance logs include errors and do not complete.


Database maintenance warnings

  • Database Maintenance takes over four hours to complete.
  • The Database Maintenance logs include warning messages and no error messages.



Database maintenance failures

  • If the Database Maintenance test fails to start or complete, try the following:
    1. Move the swdebugMaintenance.log files to another folder and run the Database Maintenance test again.

      If this does not resolve the issue, the log was modified manually and items with messages such as “Beginning Maintenance” and “Database Maintenance Complete” were changed.

    2. Investigate the logs for details of the issues.
  • If the failure message shows you a list of errors that were detected then the Database Maintenance found specific issues with your Orion Database. The AD Database Maintenance test shows the error date, time, and short description to help you to resolve the database issue. If you need more information,  investigate log file. After resolving the issues and running Database Maintenance again the test should pass this stage successfully.

Database maintenance warnings

  • If Database Maintenance takes too long to complete on your environment, view the log files to find out the root cause of the issue and try to resolve it.
  • If the AD test found warnings in the logs, view the warnings and determine what, if anything, needs to occur to remove the warning.

Also see the article Orion environmental Health Checks.




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