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"The settings property 'Account' type was not found" error occurs when adding an AD account to Orion Web

Created by John Salvani, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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The following error occurs when attempting to add a AD account to the Orion Web console:

Unexpected Website Error

The settings property 'AccountType' was not found


All Orion products with Active Directory Integration (NPM, SAM, VNQM, UDT)


The Active Directory Account that is being added has the same SID as another user present in the Orion Database.

The most likely cause of this issue is that a user was previously added into SolarWinds, that account was renamed in Active Directory and then the same account with a new name is being attempted to added into Solarwinds again.


Get the SID of the user account that is producing the error:

  1. Open a Powershell prompt on the Active Directory Server.
  2. Run the following command.
    get-aduser -Identity username | select SID
  3. Copy the SID of the user account.


Check if that SID already exists in the Orion Database:

  1. RDP to the Orion Server.
  2. Open Database Manager.
  3. Add Default Server.
  4. Right-click the Orion Database > New Query.
  5. Run the following query.
    SELECT *
    FROM Accounts
    WHERE AccountSID = '%PasteSIDFromAbove%'
  6. Execute the query.


The output should produce a  different username. This means that the account being tried to be added used to have a different username.


Remove the user account in question in Orion:

  1. Open the Orion Web Console.
  2. Go to Settings > Manage Account.
  3. Find the problematic user account.
  4. Select the checkbox.
  5. Click Delete.


The error should no longer reproduce whilst adding the user account.


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