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Support for Orion SDK and other API related tools

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Created by Matthew Lamb, last modified by Alexis Pasao on Oct 03, 2018

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Updated October 3, 2018


This article goes over information pertaining to the Orion SDK and other API querying tools in relation to support for questions or problems that may arise with their use.


  • Orion Core (All versions)
  • Orion SDK (All versions)


SolarWinds Orion Core was built with an API (Application Program Interface) embedded to allow customers to be able to utilize their own tools or resources to gather specific monitoring information from the application. SolarWinds also has built their own tool for customers to use called the Orion SDK. This application includes documentation on SWIS and SWQL as well as SWQL Studio and SwisSnapin tools.


When it comes to customer questions, concerns or issues using the Orion SDK or with the API in general, it's natural to seek out the technical support of SolarWinds for assistance. However, the Orion SDK and API use is not a component of the SolarWinds licensing model and as such, does not fall under the coverage of Technical Support. Technical Support is devoted to currently licensed applications and modules in good standing.


This does not mean though that SolarWinds is unwilling to help or assist, it simply means that the support and assistance for this is conducted somewhere else outside of technical support. For such questions or issues that you may encounter, you can find assistance within our Thwack site dedicated to the Orion SDK\API located here:


Within the Orion SDK Lab portion of Thwack, you can post questions and issues that you have with the API or read through the many articles already in place that may pertain to your issue. The Thwack community is composed of other peer users that may have the answer you are looking for, but the SolarWinds development team is also present to assist as well as provide any announcements on changes to the SDK or API.




If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Orion SDK or API use, we encourage you to peruse Thwack for the answers you may be looking for, or preferably, create a new thread to seek assistance.


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