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SolarWinds Products and Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities

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Updated January 22, 2018



In all SolarWinds product offerings and support activities, the company strives to help customers safeguard the security and privacy of their systems, applications, and data. This foundational principle is guiding our ongoing response to the Meltdown and Spectre chip design flaws and their potential customer impact.

The vulnerability created by this hardware issue can only be remediated at the operating system or firmware levels. Within the SolarWinds Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Cloud (SaaS-based) monitoring portfolios, we own or have direct responsibility for the operating systems embedded within these solutions. For this reason, we have started to remediate the vulnerability by deploying operating system patches as they become available. We will continue updating these operating systems as necessary to continue mitigating the security risk while seeking to optimize overall system performance and availability.

In addition, a number of our customers purchase SolarWinds® downloadable, on-premises IT management and monitoring software to run on their own systems. In these cases, SolarWinds is not responsible for maintaining the operating systems, but we are advising all of our customers to be diligent in the timely patching of their systems to address potential vulnerabilities. For any SolarWinds downloadable, on-premises products in which the operating system has shipped along with the SolarWinds software, we are currently evaluating the risk and providing any necessary system updates.

Finally, for all of our customers and partners, SolarWinds offers useful tools that can help effectively identify potential cybersecurity threats and act to mitigate the risk. This includes providing effective patch management capabilities.

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