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SolarWinds Orion server performance issues

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Updated April 26th, 2016


The following performance-related issues occur in the SolarWinds environment:
  • The database server crashes when trying to back-up the SolarWinds Orion database. This happens when the application and modules in the Orion server are running.
  • The Orion server (with SAM, NCM, IPAM and NPM) crashes and restarts intermittently.
  • The server reboots unexpectedly, restarts, then crashes again.
  • Unable to add nodes, make reports, acknowledge alerts, unmanage resources, create and update views and UDPs, scheduled tasks not running, and others.


The Windows 2012 Operating System is being asked to make a lot of TCP connections. The system recognizes those connections and processes them. While it continues to get additional TCP connection requests, the Operating System loses count and possibly goes beyond its capacity and crashes. This stop error describes a KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE issue.

0x00000139 stop error occcurs on a Windows Server 2012 based computer that has many TCP connections.


Apply the Windows KB 2883658 patch.

There are also other possible causes and resolution related to performance issues:

Cause: The C:\Windows\Temp folder is corrupted.
Resolution: Run CHKDSK in Windows and delete all the contents in the C:\Windows\Temp folder.
Note: This can be detected by running and sending the diagnostics to SolarWinds Support team.

Cause: Windows is running without the needed updates.
Resolution: Update Windows accordingly.

Cause: The kernel memory is corrupted due to drivers that are not updated.
Resolution: Replace network cards with newer models, update relevant software and update the drivers that are affected.
Note: This can be detected by running and sending the diagnostics to SolarWinds Support team.

Applies to: All Orion core products.
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