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Run SQL query to update node EngineID in Orion Platform

Updated October 30, 2018


After a failed migration, nodes will be assigned to incorrect EngineID and may cause polling issues in the environment. This article describes how to fix the issue by running a SQL query on the database.


  • Orion Platform


Identify the correct EngineID

  1. Open Database Manager, and open the Engines table
  2. Run the following query:

    SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM [dbo].[Engines]

  3. Take note of the information under EngineID column 00201540_1.png

In a multi-poller environment, you may see more than one EngineID in this table. In this example, the EngineID to take note is '1'.

Update the nodes with incorrect EngineID

  1. Open another table in Database Manager, NodesData
  2. Run the following query, changing @CorrectID to match the Engines table:

    UPDATE NodesData SET EngineID = @CorrectID WHERE EngineID != @CorrectID


  3. Note  the !=1  means "not equal to" - if mass changing   a specific number it should be left out, and if run in SQL Server Management Studio,  single quotes are required around the number   such as = '1'  or ='3'

With the information noted in the first screenshot, we changed @CorrectID with the number 1 to match the Engines table.


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