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Orion upgrade fails and generates a fatal error

Updated 5/18/2018


When you run the Orion 2017.3 installer in an offline or online installation to upgrade a SolarWinds product, the upgrade fails in the SolarWinds Setup Wizard during the installation step.

The AdministrationService.Client log file in Diagnostics includes the following error:

2018-05-14 14:23:33,333 [3] WARN  (null) SolarWinds.Administration.InstallExecutor.
InstallMessages.InstallMessageProcessor - MsiMessage: Use Task Manager to shutdown 
SolarWinds SCP/SFTP Server (ScpServerTray.exe) before continuing. Click Cancel if you 
want to exit the NCM installer


  • Orion 2017.3 installer
  • Offline and online installation


A SolarWinds service is running while the installer is in progress.


  1. Open services.msc.
  2. Stop all SolarWinds services.
  3. Run the Orion installer again as a local administrator.
  4. The Configuration Wizard wil start all SolarWinds services


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