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Orion custom properties and alerts: Suppressing multiple alerts for an unreachable remote site

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Custom Properties are often used to fit the management needs of a specific environment.
This also allows the administrator to create and assign properties to nodes, interfaces and volumes. It can be leveraged within advanced alerts to add environment-specific alert capabilities.

The most common use of Custom Properties is to create a suppression condition for devices where the reachability of those devices from Orion is dependent on the status of a single connecting device, such as a gateway router.
This is common where a remote site is connected to the Orion server location via a single WAN link. There may be scores of devices located in the remote location which are managed by Orion.
If the WAN link to the remote site or the gateway router at the remote site fails, then scores of alerts would be generated to indicate the down status of all unreachable devices.

By applying custom properties to the devices at the remote site and including a dependency on the remote gateway router, we can avoid multiple alerts and will only alert on the actual issue - the remote site is unreachable.

Below is an example of a commonly used properties in alerts.
This case was derived from an actual use case. In this case, the remote site hosts the network and the remote gateway router is at

Creating Alerts
1. Create a text custom property called Network and place the network address in the Network Custom Property for each node in that network.

2. In the Trigger Condition tab, create an alert for Node Status is equal to Up and Network is equal to


3. In the Alert Suppression tab, create a suppression condition to suppress the trigger if the remote gateway is not equal to Up.


The choice to use Not Equal to Up instead of Is equal to down is made so that if there is a connectivity issue affecting the reachability
of devices in the remote office and the gateway and/or the remote devices are in an unknown state, we want to suppress al those alerts also.

Now, we have an alert that will indicate if a node or nodes at the remote site are not UP and it is not due to a failure of the WAN link to that site or the remote gateway.

If the remote gateway does fail, all of the alerts for the remote site will be suppressed, including the one for the failed gateway.
A second alert for the gateway router should be created to solve this issue.


For more information, please refer to Understanding Orion Advanced Alerts.

You may also use Orion's Group feature as an alternative - Using Orion Groups and Dependencies.

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Applies to: NPM v11.0

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