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Orion agent configuration on Linux

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Updated March 9, 2017


This article provides steps to configure a Linux agent after it has been deployed using either Manual Pull Or Push method.


  • NPM as Orion server
  • One of the Supported Linux distro as agent host


  1. Configure the agent by typing service swiagentd init on the command prompt (you may need sudo rights).
  2. This will bring up the Linux Agent configuration settings where you will need to provide the IP, hostname, or FQDN of the Orion server or Additional Polling Engine (option #2).
  3. Enter your Orion 'admin' or equivalent credentials used to login to the Orion web interface (Options 4 & 5).
  4. Save your changes and exit (Option 7).
  5. This will then register the agent with the Orion server and begin managing it as a node.


For more detailed information of various deployment methods and configuration options possible refer to the Linux Agent Deployment Thwack post.



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