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Orion Web Console response is slow

Created by Alexander Aguilar, last modified by christopher.daly on Dec 06, 2018

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Updated September 21, 2018


  • The Orion Web Console response is slow.
  • You may experience gaps in data and notice that some charts will not load.
  • The website and tools are functional. 


  • NCM (all versions)
  • NPM (all versions)
  • SAM (all versions)


This issue can be caused by:

  • Lack of disk space on the servers.
  • Lack of sufficient hardware and software resources to your virtual machines (VMs).

    Check the SolarWinds documentation for system minimum requirements for NPM, SAM, and NCM.

  • Slow network speed.
  • Conflicting NIC settings.
  • Switch saturation between the SQL database server and the Orion servers.
  • Damage CAT or Fibre cabling.
  • NICs are set to auto-negotiate or the NIC speed does not match the network speed.
  • Too many unused services are running (for example, you configured your system with static IP information, but the DHCP Client service is enabled).
  • Orion servers are not configured properly.
  • SQL database server is not configured properly.

    See the SolarWinds Technical Reference article entitled Best practices for managing your Orion database for troubleshooting information.

  • Slow disk speed (HD).
  • The customer could be accessing the site via a proxy.
  • Ensure the issue is not browser related, test on different browsers.
  • SQL database server is not dedicated solely to the Orion application.

    If the server hosting your SQL database is shared with multiple instances and used by several different applications, you will experience performance issues. SolarWinds recommends dedicating the server hosting your SQL database to the Orion application.



Ensure that all possible causes listed above are not contributing to the slow response time in the Orion Web Console. If these possible causes are not the problem, two possible causes are:

  • Lack of proper system permissions
  • Faulty VM or high CPU utilization

Lack of proper system permissions

Grant the server name, <authenticated users>, and <network service> groups full rights to the following directories and all subdirectories:

  • C:\Windows\Temp: Deleted files and folders (except for the SolarWinds folder) 
  • C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Crypto
  • C:\Windows\Temp\SolarWinds
  • C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds

Many applications (including Microsoft Access databases such as MIBs.cfg) may be configured to temporarily store files in the Windows temp directory. If these temporary files are not deleted and the Windows Temp directory grows to 64K, the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor Service can no longer write the temp files it requires. When this issue occurs, the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor Service will enter a loop where it tries to create a file that it cannot store anywhere. As a result, the service generates a CPU load up to 100%.

Faulty VM or high CPU utilization

See Web Console is down due to high CPU utilization on the NPM Server for troubleshooting procedures. 


Accessing site via a Proxy. 

If you can access the Orion console fine from the Orion server and the slowness is when accessing from a PC check internet options > connections to ensure that the customer is not accessing the site through a proxy.


The proxy details would be seen in the text box below if the customer is using the proxy.



As a test, the customer may be able to disable access via the proxy to see if the speed the site loads increases. The customer will need to speak with their proxy admin about the behaviour if the slowness is caused by the proxy. 


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