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Orion Additional Web Server is not syncing group status information

Updated October 29, 2018


The group status is showing an incorrect information on the web server. 


  • All versions of Orion Core Platform
  • Additional Web Server.


  • There was a bug in the code which does not update statuses from the main server when the availability service runs.
  • An issue with the Message queues.


  • This issue should be resolved in Orion platform 2017.3 and above. If you are not already on this version, Please upgrade your environment. See -  Product upgrade Advisor
  • If you have already upgraded and have experienced a similar issue, please follow below steps:
  • Clear the subscriptions as per article here.
  • Check for stuck messages in the ready queue as per article here.
  • Reboot the Orion additional web server
  • If the issue persists, please contact Solarwinds Technical Support for more assistance and let them know you followed all the steps within this article and send them detailed information as per this article -  Tips and Tricks on opening a Support Ticket with SolarWinds



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