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Node status is Unknown in Orion

Updated December 6, 2018


This article details and provides resolution for the issue in which nodes are in unknown status in Orion.


  • Orion Platform


This occurs when the status pollers are missing from the pollers table in the database.


Resolution 1:

  1. On the Orion Web Console, go to Settings > Manage Nodes.
  2. Select the unknown nodes and click Edit Properties.
  3. On the Edit Node page, change the polling method. For example, change ICMP to SNMP.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-2 and assign the original polling method.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Allow Orion Web Console 10 minutes to poll. After ten minutes, the nodes' status should now be correctly displayed.


Resolution 2:

  1. Check Database Manager for the following:
    1. Engines table > right click New Query > Execute Query > It will show your pollers and their respective engine IDs
    2. Nodes Data table > right click New Query > Execute Query > It will show all your nodes (with NodeID and other details, including EngineID), scroll to the right and look for the EngineID column
              ~ look for the affected nodes and check which EngineID they are under (refer to the Engines table)
  2. If they are assigned to the wrong EngineID, you have the option to do it in the Database Manager (in the NodesData table) and run a query to change the EnginID to the correct one.
            Set EngineID = 'x' Where EngineID = 'Y'
    (where X is the correct EngineID and Y is the wrong one)
    1. Or log in to your Orion web console > Manage Nodes > look for the nodes and put a check (to do it once, or individually check them if you are to assign to different pollers > Change Polling Engine > select proper poller to move to


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