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Licenses appear as Evaluation Expired after moving Orion products to new VM

Created by Ezgi Muderrisoglu, last modified by Aileen de Lara_ret on Jul 04, 2016

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This article provides brief information and steps to resolve the issue when the license appears as Evaluation expired after moving Orion products to a new VM.


Deactivated the licenses from the old server which had the products installed.
Changed the name of the old server, and gave the new Virtual Machine the old server name and IP address.

Installed the products onto a new Virtual Machine as Evaluation.

Activated the license on the new Virtual Machine.

License now appear on the web console as Evaluation and Expired.

License manager shows that all licenses are full and up to date.


  • NPM 11.5
  • SAM 6.2
  • NTA 4.1
  • IVIM 6.3



The services were not turned off in the old machine or were the products fully uninstalled.



  1. Check the Orion Database:
    1. The AllEngines and Websites tables. Make sure that there is no other Primary engine entries in these tables other then the new Virtual Machine.
    2. If there are any other Primary engines appearing, remove them from the engines table.
  2. Log in to the old machine and check if there are any Orion SolarWinds services still running. If there are, then these need to be turned off.
    1. Open services.msc on the old machine, find the Orion services. Double click on an Orion service, and in the start up type, chose disable, and disable the service.
  3. Do the following on the new Virtual Machine:
    1. Stop all services using Orion Service Manager
    2. Clear pub/sub tables in DB - run the following queries against your database. Open the database manager, and the db that the Orion is using. Then run the following commands:
      1. DELETE FROM PendingNotifications
      2. DELETE FROM Subscriptions
      3. DELETE FROM Subscriptiontags
    3. Start all services using Orion Service Manager
  4. Then open the license manager and synchronize the licenses again.


This issue should now be resolved

Note: Deactivating the licenses in the old machine, and changing the name and ip address is not enough. The user should make sure that the Orion products are either uninstalled from the old machine, or that all the Orion services have been disabled in a way that they wont automatically enable again.


If the issue persists, please contact SolarWinds Technical Support.




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