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Issues with 32-bit Microsoft Office products after installing Orion Logs

Updated: May 9, 2018


After installation of Orion Logs, Microsoft Office programs have issues:

  • Microsoft Excel starts after displaying errors
  • Microsoft Access does not start at all
  • Microsoft Word launches but runs through the configuration steps each time


  • Orion Platform version 2018.2 and later


As a part of the Log Management in the Orion Platform installation, the 64-bit Microsoft Access driver is installed. The installation of this driver causes issues with 32-bit Microsoft Office installations because Microsoft does not support side-by-side installations of 64-bit and 32-bit Office components. The issue only affects the main or additional polling engines. Agent computers or additional web servers are not affected.

If you are running a 32-bit version of Office and proceed with the Orion Platform installation, you may see errors, such as

Microsoft Access was unable to initialize the Windows Registry. Rerun Microsoft Access or Microsoft Office Setup to reinstall Microsoft Access.


One of your object libraries is missing or damaged. Please run Setup to install it.

If you rerun the setup as the message advises, Office will be repaired but SNMP Trap OID resolution to friendly (human readable) names will be broken.




To prevent this issue, SolarWinds recommends that you upgrade Microsoft Office to a 64-bit version before you start installing Orion Platform products.

Repairing Microsoft Office after you install the Orion Platform is possible but not recommended
Repairing the Microsoft Office installation corrects issues with the Office, but it breaks the SNMP Trap OID resolution. Even if trap monitoring is not a principal concern, broken SNMP Trap OID resolution creates a maintenance issue because the Orion Platform attempts to repair this whenever the Configuration wizard runs or Orion Platform updates are installed. SolarWinds strongly recommends that you upgrade Microsoft Office before installing the Orion Platform.

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