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Incompatible Orion modules found

Updated: November 21, 2017


This article addresses the issue where an additional polling engine cannot proceed in upgrading to NPM 12.0.1 polling engine because the VNQM module is found incompatible.


  • Upgrade to NPM 12.0.1

  • VNQM 4.2.3 and later


Orion Platform products installed on the main polling engine:

  • NPM 12.0.1
  • VNQM 4.2.4


The additional polling engine is running NPM 12.0 with VNQM 4.2.3. Updating the polling engine to NPM 12.0.1 will not proceed as it detected the VNQM 4.2.3 as an incompatible module. You also cannot update the VNQM to 4.2.4 because that version requires NPM 12.0.1. 


Running the NPM 12.0.1 Additional Polling Engine installer shows the message below:



  1. On the additional polling engine, uninstall VNQM 4.2.3 via Windows Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.

  2. When uninstalled, cancel the Configuration wizard.

  3. Open Windows Registry, for example by clicking Start > Run > Regedit.

  4. Navigate to the following directory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Solarwinds\Orion.

  5. Right-click the VoIP Monitor folder and select Delete.

    You can also create a backup of this registry through export: Right-click the registry > Export.

  6. When deleted, run the NPM 12.0.1 additional polling engine installer. This should proceed with installing the NPM 12.0.1 without any issues.

  7. When the NPM 12.0.1 additional polling engine is updated, proceed with installing VNQM 4.2.4.


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