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Implement generic error messaging in the Orion Web Console

Table of contents

Updated September 14, 2017


The Orion Web Console provides informative messages when the website encounters an invalid URL with empty spaces. While useful on an internal level to your organization, these messages can be used by malicious individuals to investigate and fine-tune potential attacks against your organization. 


To stop providing informative messages, configure IIS to display generic messages instead.


All products running on Orion Platform, such as: 

  • NPM
  • SAM
  • NCM
  • NTA


Log on to your Orion server machine as an administrator.

  1. Install the URL Rewrite IIS extension from Microsoft (© 2013 Microsoft, available at, obtained on September 14, 2017).
  2. Navigate to your SolarWinds Orion web folder, by default located at:
  3. Back up web.config.
  4. Add the following lines under the system.webServer section:
    <rule name="UrlWithWhitespaces">
    <match url="(\s+(\.aspx).*)|(\s+\/)" />
    <action type="Rewrite" url="//" />
  5. Save the file, and restart the website in IIS.



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