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High blocking on the Orion database

Updated November 22, 2017


High volume of blocking caused by the following procedure:


This procedure runs the following code:

DELETE TOP (@ChunkSize) orph FROM APM_HardwareItem_Detail orph LEFT JOIN HWH_HardwareItem parent ON orph.HardwareItemID = parent.ID WHERE parent.ID IS NULL


  • NPM 12.1
  • SAM 6.3 HF2


Bug in SAM 6.3 and Hardware Health (HWH) 7.x caused by residual code before HWH was moved from SAM to a separate package. This residual code conflicts with HWH updates implemented in version 8.0.

The following database procedures should be deleted when upgrading from HWH 7.1 to HWH 8.0:

  • apm_dbm_APM_HardwareHierarchy_DeleteOrphans
  • apm_dbm_APM_HardwareItem_DeleteOrphans
  • apm_dbm_APM_HardwareCategoryStatus_DeleteOrphans
  • apm_dbm_APM_HardwareInfo_DeleteOrphans


Update SAM to version 6.4 and install the latest hotfixes. 



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