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High CPU usage in SolarWinds Orion

Updated Sep 07, 2018


This article provides brief information and steps to resolve the issue when there is high CPU utilization in Orion.


  • Orion Web Console will be unresponsive
  • Alerts will be slow
  • Gaps in Polling Data


First, determine which process(es) are consuming the most CPU. Usually, this is the Job Engine Workers but could also any number of other processes.


If the Job Engine Workers are causing the issue you will need to determine which plugin jobs they are running.


  • Open Task Manager
  • Go to Details tab and add the "Command Line" column
  • Sort the Details tab by CPU and find the top offender(s). The Command Line will show you the plugin name


Another possible cause:

If you've upgraded SAM to 6.6 recently - ADM or application dependency polling is enabled across all nodes by default.

This will install the agent which is required for this feature on nodes which can cause high cpu usage when running into agent deployment failures. Also if there are connection issues with ADM plugins - it also can cause high cpu.

You can disable ADM globally following this article if you think that might be the cause of the issue:


*You'll see "nping" processes eating the cpu in task manager on the box.


Ensure that the minimum hardware requirements are met. 


For 2008 R2 Servers (Windows Server 2008 R2 (no longer supported in Core 2017.3)

- There is a Microsoft Hotfix to address known WMI issues taking CPU up to 100%

(© 2013 Microsoft Corp., available at
, obtained on June 20th, 2016.)


Move nodes to Additional Poller or Disable excess polling jobs 


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