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High Availability (HA) in an Unknown status

Created by Matthew.Orr, last modified by Jeremy Giles on Feb 07, 2019

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Updated November 29, 2018


In the Orion Web Console, the High Availability resource (or widget) shows that it is in an unknown status, even after deleting and recreating the pool. 


  • SolarWinds Orion Platform products using Orion Core 2017.1 and later


This is usually caused by incorrect data in one of the following tables:

  • HA_FacilitiesInstances
  • HA_PoolMemberInterfacesInfo
  • HA_PoolMembers
  • HA_Pools
  • HA_ResourcesInstances
  • Ha_Audit


Resolution 1: 

  1. In the Orion Web Console, disable High Availability.
  2. On all Orion servers (including the main polling engine, additional polling engines, and additional web servers), stop the High Availability service in Windows services.
  3. Open the database manager and truncate the following tables (TRUNCATE TABLE TABLE_NAME):

truncate table HA_FacilitiesInstances
truncate table HA_PoolMemberInterfacesInfo
truncate table HA_PoolMembers
truncate table HA_Pools
truncate table HA_ResourcesInstances

truncate table HA_Audit

   4. Start the High Availability service on the main polling engine first, and then start the High Availability service on the failover server.

   5. In the Orion Web Console, enable High Availability.

   6. Create your pool.

   7. Enable the High Availability service on the remaining Orion servers.


Resolution 2:

  1. In the Orion Web Console, click Settings > All Settings > High Availability Deployment Summary.
  2. Select the pool you want to disable.
  3. Toggle High Availability to Off.
  4. RDP to both HA servers and go to services.msc
  5. Look for SolarWinds High Availability service and perform service restart
  6. Re-enable High availability pool

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