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Getting more information about an Unexpected Website Error

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Updated April 12


When you get an Unexpected Website Error, the message in the popup box might not be helpful. This article explains how to go beyond that initial popup box to other resources that might help you find out why the error occurred and resolve the issue.


  • Orion Platform, all versions


  1. After getting the popup, always click on the "Save Error Report Locally" and save the file.
  2. Open the file.
    SolarWinds recommends opening it in Notepad ++ or Wordpad so that the report is formatted for easier viewing.
  3. Search the SolarWinds Success Center for a workaround or potential fix for that particular error.
    If the error indicates that the Orion website has to be rebuilt, see this article:
  4. If the information does not seem useful, go to c:ProgramData/Solarwinds/Logs/Orion/OrionWeb.log and see if you can find more details about the error.  If necessary, repeat the issue to get a new set of messages about the error.  Sometimes the stack that appears in the OrionWeb.log is not the same as the stack in the "Save Error Report Locally" file. 




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