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Home > Success Center > Orion Platform > Orion - Knowledgebase Articles > Windows Server 2012 R2 users using Orion Installer, Windows .Net Framework 4.5 is disabled

Windows Server 2012 R2 users using Orion Installer, Windows .Net Framework 4.5 is disabled


This article describes the issue when Windows Server 2012 R2 users try to use Orion Installer, Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 is disabled.  


  • All versions of SAM
  • All versions of NPM


  1. Go to Server Manager > Manage > Add Roles and Features. This starts the Add Roles and Features Wizard.
  2. On the Select installation type screen, click Role-based or feature-based installation.
  3. Select the target server.
  4. In features to install, select .Net 4.5.
  5. If the target computer does not have access to Windows Update, click Specify an alternate source path link to specify the path to the \sources\sxs folder on the installation media, and then click OK.
  6. Click the X next to the warning, and then click Install.
  7. Run Orion Installer.

Note: If you are using Server Manager in Windows Server 2012 to add a role or feature to a remote server, the remote server computer account (DOMAIN\ComputerName$) requires access to the alternate source file path because the deployment operation runs in the SYSTEM context on the target server.


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