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Dependant services for Orion

Created by Gary O'Donovan, last modified by christopher.daly on Nov 09, 2018

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Updated: November 27, 2017


Orion Platform products require that certain services are enabled.


  • NPM 12.2 and later


Orion Platform products require that the following services are enabled and running.

  • Make sure the Startup type of services is set to Automatic. To verify the startup type, go to Windows Services, right-click a service > Properties > Startup Type.
  • You can manage SolarWinds services with the Orion Service Manager.

SolarWinds services

  • SolarWinds Agent
  • SolarWinds Alerting Engine service V2
  • SolarWinds Collector Service
  • SolarWinds Cortex
  • SolarWinds HighAvailability
  • SolarWinds Information Service
  • SolarWinds Information Service V3
  • SolarWinds Job Engine v2
  • SolarWinds Orion Module Engine
  • SolarWinds Recommendations
  • SolarWinds Syslog Service
  • SolarWinds Trap Service


  • SolarWinds Web Console (SolarWinds NetPerfMon)


  • Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service
  • Message Queuing
  • SolarWinds Administration Service
  • RabbitMQ

Other required services

  • World Wide Web Publishing Service
  • SQL Server
  • Internet Information Service (IIS)




  • SolarWinds Collector Data Processor, Management Agent, and Polling Controller services merged into SolarWinds Collector Service in Orion Platform 2016.1 (Zelda)
  • SolarWinds Cortex was introduced in Orion Platform 2017.3 (Oregon)
  • SolarWinds Recommendations service was introduced in NPM 12.1



Services required for High availability Standby Server - Once failover occurs all services will start up




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