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Connection problems during an Orion Deployment upgrade


To upgrade the scalability engines (Additional Polling Engines, Additional Web Servers, or High Availability backup servers) while you are upgrading your Main Polling Engine, the Orion Upgrade wizard must be able to reach each scalability engine server. If the wizard displays a message that a scalability engine is unreachable, check for the following issues.


Note: If you are not able to connect to a scalability engine during the Main Polling Engine upgrade, you can manually upgrade that scalability engine later. 


SolarWinds Orion Installer 2.0 and later


Is there a network connectivity problem?

Verify that the Orion server can connect to the scalability engine server. If not, work with your network administrator to resolve the issue. For example:

  • Verify that the scalability engine server is running.
  • Verify that access to the scalability engine server is not blocked by a firewall or anti-virus software. 

Is the SolarWinds Administration Service running on the scalability engine server?

  1. On the scalability engine server, open the Orion Service Manager.
  2. Verify that the SolarWinds Administration Service is running.


  3. If the service is not running, select it and click Start.

Are the servers running different versions of the SolarWinds Administration Service?

Make sure the the scalability engine server and the Orion server are running the same version of the SolarWinds Administration Service.

  1. On each server:
    1. Go to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Programs and Features.
    2. Locate SolarWinds Administration Service and note the version.
  2. If the scalability engine server is running a different version of the service:
    1. On the Orion server, open the following directory:


    2. Copy the SWA-<version>-AdministrationService.msi file from the Orion server to the same directory on the scalability engine server.
    3. Run the SWA-<version>-AdministrationService.msi file to update the service.

Did you receive an error?

If you receive this error:

'ERROR (null) SolarWinds.Administration.AdminService.AdminServiceManager - Download and install administration service failed.
System.IO.IOException: The file exists.'

and the entry is present in the * %ProgramData%/Solarwinds/Logs/Administration/AdministrationService.log on the Scalability Engine, then the workaround is to manually clear the %TEMP% folder and wait 2-3 minutes while SWA auto-updates.

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