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Configure Vendor/Machine type when Orion is unable to detect it

Table of contents

Updated May 3rd, 2016


This article provides steps to configure the vendor or machine type when Orion is unable to detect it automatically.


NPM version 11.5 and later


1. Log in to the web console with administrative rights.

2. Go to Settings > Manage Pollers.

3. Select Create New Poller.









4. Select the following parameters, and then click Next.

  • Technology: Node Details
  • Poller Package Name: Provide a meaningful name for the poller
  • Test Node: Specify a node to test the poller
  • Tags, Description & author are optional fields.












5. Select Define Data Source for Vendor.












6. Enter the required Vendor (Cisco in this example) and click Submit.













7. Click Yes, the datasource is reasonable.

















8. Repeat the above procedure for Machine Type (Using Cisco 3750 in this example).

9. SysObjectID is a required field. Select Define Data Source.

10. Click Browse OIDs.
















11. Search for (sysObjectID) and select resulting OID, click Submit.




















12. Click Yes, the datasource is reasonable.

13. Repeat steps above for all other requested OID's. 

OID for the listed options

Vendor = manually

Machine Type = Define name manually or (

Software version = -or

Software Image =

Contact = 

Location = 

Sysname =

SYSObject =

Description =









14. Click Submit on the Summary page.

15. Assign this poller to the appropriate nodes.

16. Select the poller from the Manage Poller page and click Assign.








17. Select the appropriate node(s) from the list and click Scan Now.


Once the scan completes successfully the poller will be assigned and the Poller Status will change to ON.


After the next Rediscovery (default polling interval is 30 minutes) you will see the vendor and machine type update for the node.






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