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Cannot logon Domain\Username when creating AD accounts

Updated October 18, 2018


When your deployment includes multiple trusted domains with your Orion Platform products installed in one of them and are creating AD accounts so that users from the trusted domains can log in to the Orion Web Console, you receive the following error message even though the account and credentials are correct.

Cannot logon Domain\Username via NetworkCleartext/Default



  • Products using Orion Platform 2017.3 and earlier, such as NPM 12.2 and earlier


When you provide the User Name and Password in the Specify credentials section and then provide the domain\username in the Search for Account section, the Search tries to use data specified in the fields even though it does not need it.



To resolve the issue:

  1. Select the Specify credentials to access... option to activate the User Name and Password fields.
  2. Clear the User Name field so that it is empty.
  3. Search again.


Another workaround: Create individual accounts for your users.



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