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Admin login leads to Internal 500 error but Guest login works for Orion

Created by Leif Amland, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Admin login to the Web Console leads to an Internal 500 error but the Guest login works perfectly.


NPM 10.x

NPM 11.x


When you are specifying the binding for your Orion Website, often times a user will change the port. This is completely fine however you need to make sure that if it's a port that does require SSL like 443 for example that it's listed correctly in the Websites table.


If you have your website on port 443 but in the website table, SSL enabled = 0, this is going to be a problem and it's the same the other way around. If you have the website on port 80 which doesn't require SSL but SSL enabled = 1 in the website table this will be an issue too causing Internal 500 errors.


In this scenario the website in IIS was on port 8090 which does not require a certificate. However in the Website table, the site was listed with "SSL enabled 1".


The resolution is going into the Websites table in the Database and making sure 'SSL enabled' is set correctly. Please perform the following:


  1. Open the Database Manager which is located in the following default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion
  2. When the Database Manager opens select 'Add default server' and when it does you can expand your database to see all the tables.
  3. Navigate down to the 'Websites' table, right click it and select 'Query table ...'.
  4. You will see 'SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM [dbo].[Websites]' appear in the query box, hit 'Execute query'.
  5. You will now see all of the websites listed in the Orion database. Please make sure that 'SSL Enabled' is set to '0 ' which means it's disabled or does not require SSL. If you wanted to enable this you would input a '1' instead of '0'.
  6. If you need to make any changes to the 'SSL Enabled' column please make sure you select 'Enable table editing' which allows you to make the change to the table.
  7. Once the change has been made, restart the website in IIS.


To restart the website from IIS please perform the following:


  1. Go into start and type IIS or you can go into the administrative tools and open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. Expand your server to see the application pools and sites.
  3. Expand 'Sites'.
  4. You will see your website listed here, the default name is 'SolarWinds NetPerfMon'.
  5. Right click the site and go down to the 'Manage Website' drop down and hit Stop.
  6. Right click the site again and this time for 'Manage Website' select Start.


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