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Add vendor icons to an Orion web-based report

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Updated February 13, 2018


You can add vendor icons to a web-based report that contains information about nodes. The intended result looks like the following example:




  • Orion Platform 2016 and later


To add vendor icons, complete the following steps:


  1. Edit an element (such as a table) in the report:
    1. Click Reports > All Reports, and then click Manage Reports.
    2. Select the report and click Edit Report.
    3. Click Edit Table
  2. If the Vendor Icon is not already included in the layout, add it:
    1. Click the + under Table layout.
    2. Under Orion Object, select Node.
    3. Select VendorIcon and click Add Column.
  3. Click the arrow next to Advanced to display advanced settings for the VendorIcon column.
  4. Select Generic Icon as a Display Setting and enter /NetPerfMon/images/Vendors/{0} which specifies the icon file and its location (variable {0} will be replaced with the relevant file name (for example, . 9.gif for Cisco).


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