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How to unmanage groups of nodes

Table of contents

Updated: October 17, 2017


This article describes how to unmanage groups from the Manage Nodes menu.


  • All SAM versions
  • All NPM versions


This method does not work well with dynamic query groups.

  1. Click Settings > All Settings > Manage Reports.
  2. Click Create New Report. 
  3. Select Custom Table and click Select and Continue.
  4. Select Dynamic Query Builder for the selection method.
  5. In the drop-down next to I want to report on, select Group.
  6. Click Add to Layout.
  7. Click Edit Table.
  8. Add columns to your report by including the following objects: 
    • Group Name
    • Group Member Name 
  9. After you select your column objects, click Add Column.
  10. Save the report with a new name.
  11. Select this report and click View report.
    1. Click Export to Excel.
    2. Open the exported Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and enable editing.
    3. Delete the top two spreadsheet rows and save the file.
      This puts the file in the proper format for the proceeding steps. 
  12. Return to the web console and click Settings > All Settings > Manage Custom Properties.
  13. Create a new custom property based on Nodes.
  14. Name the property Group_Name.
  15. Submit this custom property without adding any nodes.
  16. Return to the Manage Custom Properties page and select Group_Name.
  17. Click Import Values > Browse, locate the exported .xls report file, and select the Import values for Nodes.
  18. Click Submit.
  19. Enter: 
    • Name; Imports to; Group_Name.
    • Group Member Name; matches; caption. 
  20. Click Settings > Manage Node and return to the Manage Nodes page.
  21. In the left pane, select Group By > Group_Name.
  22. Select the Group_Name value and select all nodes in the group.
  23. Unmanage the nodes. 


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