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How to identify your SQL Server version and edition

Updated: October 23, 2017


This article describes how to use a command prompt to identify your Microsoft® SQL Server® database software edition and version.

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Identify the SQL Server version and instance

  1. Log in to the Windows Server system hosting your SQL Server database. 
  2. Open a command prompt window.
  3. Execute the following command:
    SQLCMD -S servername\instancename
    where servername is your server name and instancename is the SQL instance name.
  4. Enter select @@version and press <Enter>.
  5. At the 2 > prompt, type go and press <Enter>.
    The SQL version running on the server displays in the dialog box.
  6. Repeat step 3 through step 5 for each additional instance. 

Identify the SQL Server instance name

If you cannot remember the instance name, perform the following steps:

  1. Open a command prompt window.
  2. Execute:
  3. Scroll down to entries beginning with SQL.
  4. Locate an entry for each installed named SQL Server (instancename).
    The value in parenthesis is your instance name. 



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