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With NPM 12.2 you can monitor your Cisco ASA firewalls, to monitor VPN tunnels for basic visibility and troubleshooting tunnels. NPM 12.2 also uses the SolarWinds Orion Installer so you can easily install and upgrade one or more Orion Platform products simultaneously.
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Failed to download or run the Scalability Engine installer from the main server

Updated September 20, 2017



The Scalability Engine installer for Additional Polling Engines, Additional Websites, and High Availability backup servers could not be downloaded from the main Orion server or times out when run.


Products running Orion Platform 2017.3, such as:

  • NPM 12.2
  • NCM 7.7


After trying to download the installer three times, the download will fail. 



  1. Download the Scalability Engines installer from the Customer Portal.
  2. If you encounter a timeout issue when running the Scalability Engines installer, copy component files from the main Orion server to the other computer.
    1. On your main Orion server, navigate to ProgramData/SolarWinds/Installers.
    2. Copy the contents.
    3. On your Additional Polling Engine, Additional Website, or High Availability backup server, navigate to the equivalent of ProgramData/SolarWinds/Installers. You may need to create the /SolarWinds/Installers directories if you have never installed a SolarWinds product on the computer.
    4. Paste the copied content into the /SolarWinds/Installers directory on the other computer.
    5. Run the Scalability Engines installer.





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10:24, 20 Sep 2017