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Export to PDF icon not available in the Orion Web Console

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Updated October 24, 2017


The "Export to PDF icon, that was on the upper right corner of the webpage, is no longer available.



  • Orion 2017.3 and later
  • NPM 12.2 and later
  • SAM 6.4 and later, when run in conjunction with the Orion 2017.3 or NPM 12.2


The Export to PDF icon  image.png  is no longer available in the Orion Web Console. In prior releases, this icon was available on many webpages and one could use it to make a printout of the web display.


As of Orion Platform 2017.3, this capability was removed because all browsers now have the option to "Print to a PDF".


For instance, in Chrome, when you press Print, you are given a selection of destinations that the print can go to. One of the options available is "Print to PDF".




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