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Cannot modify maps or map objects after the server is rebooted or you do not save

Updated July 26, 2017


If you edit a map or map objects and the computer or server reboots before the changes are saved, or if you have it open for editing for a long period of time and do not save your changes, the map or map objects cannot be edited later.



Products running on any version of Orion Platform, such as:

  • NPM 
  • NTA
  • NCM
  • SAM
  • SRM



The database locks the maps or map objects during editing and does not release them until they are saved. If you navigate away or the computer restarts while you are editing, the map and map objects are locked and you cannot reopen them to edit or save.



  1. Log on to your Orion server as an administrator.
  2. Run Active Diagnostics, located by default in C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\ActiveDiagnostics.
  3. Select Run individual tests.
  4. Expand Network Atlas.
  5. Run the Locked maps check.
  6. Open SQL Management Studio and run the suggested query.

You can now edit your maps.




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