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APE Upgrades Are Marked as Beta Versions

Updated 7/24/2018


When you upgrade an additional polling engine using the Orion Installer downloaded from the main polling engine, a message says that it will download a Beta version of the upgrade:

Beta Version

Upgrade Scenarios Are Not Supported


sshot-125 (2).png


  • Orion Platform 2018.2


The main polling engine has an outdated product catalog.


Resolution 1: Update the product catalog

  1. Fix permissions using the Orion Permission Checker.
  2. Open SolarWinds.Administration.ProductCatalog.Model.ProductCatalogModel_default.json using a text editor and take note of the version number at the end of the file (e.g. "Version":124362,"GlobalDateTime":null}).
  3. Run the installer on the main polling engine and cancel when you get to the versions stage.
  4. Check the Version number again. If it has been updated, proceed to the next step.
  5. Back up the SolarWinds.Administration.ProductCatalog.Model.ProductCatalogModel_installed.json from the same folder.
  6. Connect to your APE and continue with the upgrade.

Resolution 2: Reinstall any Orion module in the main polling engine

  1. Download the latest installer from the SolarWinds Customer Portal.
  2. Uninstall any product modules (e.g. NPM, NCM, UDT, etc.) on the main polling engine.
  3. Cancel the Configuration Wizard that opens.
  4. Run the latest Orion installer to reinstall the product modules.
  5. Finish the Configuration Wizard.
  6. Connect to your APE and continue with the upgrade.
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