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Network Topology Mapper 2.2.1 Release Notes

Updated March 15th, 2018


Created 05/05/2015

These release notes provide additional guidance for SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper (NTM) 2.2.1.


NTM 2.2


New Features

These new features are available in NTM 2.2.x:


NTM 2.2.1:

  • Endpoints Summary:

    As a way of keeping maps from being overcrowded by clusters, an Endpoints Summary window is for a network device that switches or routes traffic to servers, VMWare or Hyper-V hosts, printers, or other devices that are part of your edge network.

  • CDP-generated Nodes:

    Undefined nodes that are created from CDP data appear in maps with their system name and  description.

NTM 2.2:

  • Multiple Maps from One Scan:

    From a Discovery Wizard scan,  create multiple maps, which update automatically with scheduled scan updates.

  • Credential Management:

    Discovery Wizard stores credentials, allowing you to activate or deactivate based on the network segment(s) you are mapping.

  • Etherchannel:

    Discover aggregates (PAgP and LACP protocols, or manually configured).

  • Do No Scan List:

    Define subnets or IP ranges the Discovery Wizard does not contact.

  • New Icons:

    New icons include a set of node icons, parallel link icons showing aggregation, and support for importing icons.

  • Usability Improvements:

    For example: clicking a Neighbors icon on a node reveals all directly connected nodes or the subnet/IP arrange to which the selected node is connected; and any overlapping but distinct links are indicated with arches.

Fixed Issues

NTM 2.2.1:

  • Fixed issue with valid VIM credentials failing credential test.
  • Fixed issue with not detecting the first IP address in a subnet.

NTM 2.2:

  • Fixed the behavior of rescan detecting existing nodes as new nodes
  • Whitespace in Switching from Layered or Orthogonal View.
  • White space appears where excluded nodes would be.
  • Fixes restrictions with map layouts (through movable text, parallel connections, link aggregation indicators, and selectable topology configurations).
  • Fixes limitations with node icons (both by expanding options and flexibility of the NTM set out of the box, and through custom import function).
  • Fixes limitation in iconically representing nodes by model and vendor.
  • Resolves inability to export to Visio and edit NTM maps (with Visio stencils).
  • Resolves inability to customize NTM node icons.
  • Fixes an issue with a print operation crashing NTM.
  • Fixes an issue with NTM not mapping switch ports accurately.
  • Fixes a limitation in using different credentials for discovering different parts of network.
  • Fixes limitation in providing data on aggregated links (etherchannels).
  • Fixes an issue with reporting bandwidth for Allied Telesys switches.
  • Fixes am issue with the NTM jumbling node names.
  • Fixes issue with symbols in the SNMP community string blocking network discovery.
  • Fixes an issue that causes NTM to crash after rescanning a network.

Known Issues




Product Limitations

  • If the 'license.dat' file has been deleted, then NTM does not work and the repair option does not fix the issue.
  • Router Etherchannels are detected that do not in fact exist.
  • Orthogonal map layout function works unreliably with large maps.
  • Nodes from Shortcuts cannot be dropped onto the map after manual connections have been created. Drag/drop from Discovered Notes remains unaffected.
  • A map created in NTM v.1.0.1 that includes aggregated links (EtherChannels) does not display oval icons that indicate aggregated links even after being rescanned in NTM 2.2. The work-around is to uninstall NTM 1.0.1 before installing NTM 2.2, changing an upgrade to an installation operation.
  • Corruption of WMI service on a customer machine causes NTM to shutdown.
  • Missing L2 connections between switches. See workaround in this KB article
  • Nodes identified using CDP/LLDP may display ASCII characters.

    This behaviour is seen if nodes identified connecting to a SNMP device have unknown or empty device ID information.

  • If you run a discovery for an NTM map that contains virtual machines for which you have already entered credentials, then discovery will run twice.
  • Network Discovery also runs twice when when NTM exports map data with VIM credentials into Network Atlas
  • Maps containing larger than 1000 nodes may introduce a slight delay while toggling between filters and map layouts.
  • If your devices do not support CDP/LLDP or Bridge table data, then NTM cannot display Layer 2 connections between the devices. More likely these devices will show up as orphan nodes.
  • De-duplication does not work for connections, which were reported by CDP and LLDP.
  • If you run discovery for an NTM map that contains virtual machines that you've already entered credentials for, the discovery will run twice.
  • It takes a long time to open maps larger than 1000 nodes. NTM may appear unresponsive, but the map will open eventually.
  • The integrated Remote Desktop function won't work on Windows Server 2003 64-bit unless you have applied the Microsoft Hotfix and append %winDir%\Sysnative to your %path% variable. See
  • If the NTM certificate is deleted or modified by another program, none of the scheduled discoveries will work until you repair the certificate and then reschedule all the discovery jobs.
  • NTM can't display L2 connections from devices that do not provide bridge table data. If you are missing L2 connections, this is the likely cause.
  • NTM does not import unmanaged nodes and edges from Network Atlas maps.
  • Network Segment Nodes do not show up by default in maps created in NTM 1.0. See this KB article for a workaround.
  • Help links default to the top of the file when displayed in Internet Explorer v8. The workaround is to use a later version of the IE browser.


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