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What object IDs (OIDs) does NPM poll for information about Cisco wireless controllers?

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Created by Melanie Boyd, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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The table below lists the OIDs that NPM polls for information about Cisco wireless controllers.


  • NPM version 9.5 and higher



By default, Orion NPM polls the following Cisco wireless controller OIDs.

Orion Internal Name OID Name OID Value
Description sysDescr
HostName sysName
AP_Name bsnAPName
ModelName bsnAPModel
AP_Type bsnAPType
IPAddress bsnAPStaticIPAddress
CurrentChannel bsnAPIfPhyChannelNumber
Clients bsnApIfNoOfUsers
Client_MAC bsnMobileStationMacAddress
Client_IPAddress bsnMobileStationIpAddress
Client_Name bsnMobileStationUserName
Client_APMAC bsnMobileStationAPMacAddr
Client_APIf bsnMobileStationAPIfSlotId
Client_ESSID bsnMobileStationSsid
Client_TotalBytesRx bsnMobileStationBytesReceived
Client_TotalBytesTx bsnMobileStationBytesSent
RadioType bsnAPIfType
TxFragments bsnAPIfDot11TransmittedFragmentCount
TxMulticastFrames bsnAPIfDot11MulticastTransmittedFrameCount
TxRetries bsnAPIfDot11RetryCount
TxMultipleRetries bsnAPIfDot11MultipleRetryCount
RTSSuccess bsnAPIfDot11RTSSuccessCount
RTSFailure bsnAPIfDot11RTSFailureCount
RxAckFailure bsnAPIfDot11ACKFailureCount
RxFragments bsnAPIfDot11ReceivedFragmentCount
RxMulticastFrames bsnAPIfDot11MulticastReceivedFrameCount
RxFCSError bsnAPIfDot11FCSErrorCount
TxFrames bsnAPIfDot11TransmittedFrameCount
TxFailed bsnAPIfDot11FailedCount
Client_Status bsnMobileStationStatus
Client_SignalStrength bsnMobileStationRSSI
Client_TotalPacketsRx bsnMobileStationPacketsReceived
Client_TotalPacketsTx bsnMobileStationPacketsSent
Rogue_RadioType bsnRogueAPRadioType
Rogue_APName bsnRogueAPAirespaceAPName
Rogue_CurrentChannel bsnRogueAPChannelNumber
Rogue_SSID bsnRogueAPSsid
Rogue_SignalStrength bsnRogueAPAirespaceAPRSSI
Rogue_WepMode bsnRogueAPAirespaceAPWepMode
Rogue_WpaMode bsnRogueAPAirespaceAPWpaMode



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