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Home > Success Center > Network Performance Monitor (NPM) > What object IDs (OIDs) does NPM poll for EnergyWise information?

What object IDs (OIDs) does NPM poll for EnergyWise information?

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Created by Melanie Boyd, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article lists the OIDs that NPM polls for EnergyWise information and the types of EnergyWise information polled.


  • NPM version 9.1 and higher


By default, NPM polls the following EnergyWise-related OIDs, listed by information type.

Type OID Name Orion Internal Name OID Value
EnergyWise sysDescr EnergyWiseIOSVersion
EnergyWise endAliasMappingIdentifier InterfaceIndex
EnergyWise cewDeviceId EnergyWiseID
EnergyWise cewDeviceNeighborCount NumberOfNeighbors
EnergyWise cewDomainName DomainName
EnergyWise cewMaxImportance MaximumImportance
EnergyWise cewMaxImportanceId MaximumImportanceEntityName
EnergyWise cewEntNannyVector EnergyWiseNannyBitVector
EnergyWise cewEntNeighborIndex EnergyWiseNeighborID
EnergyWise cewEntKeyword EnergyWiseKeywords
EnergyWise cewEntName EnergyWiseCaption
EnergyWise cewEntRoleDescription EnergyWiseRole
EnergyWise cewEntFullName EnergyWiseFullName
EnergyWise cewEntEnergyUnits EnergyWisePowerUnits
EnergyWise cewEntEnergyUsage EnergyWiseCurrentEnergyUsage
EnergyWise cewEntEnergyUsageCaliber EnergyWiseCaliber
EnergyWise cewEntEnergyLevel EnergyWiseCurrentLevel
EnergyWise cewEntEnergyUsageProvisisioned EnergyWiseMaximumPowerDraw
EnergyWise cewEntImportanceInt EnergyWiseEntityImportance
EnergyWise cewEntImportanceExt EnergyWiseSumEntityImportance
EnergyWise cewEntImportanceRelative EnergyWiseRelativeImportance
EnergyWise cewEntImportanceParentId EnergyWiseMostImportantEntityID
EnergyWise cewEntParentId EnergyWiseParentID
EnergyWise cewEntAdminStatus EnergyWiseAdminStatus
EnergyWise cewEntOperStatus EnergyWiseOperationalStatus
EnergyWise cewNeighborID NeighborEntityID
EnergyWise cewNeighborType NeighborType
EnergyWise cewNeighborHeartBeat NeighborSysUptime
EnergyWise cewNeighborStatus NeighborStatus
EnergyWise cewEventLevel Level
EnergyWise cewEventRecurrence IsRecurring
EnergyWise cewEventTime EventTime
EnergyWise cewEventStatus Status




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