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WebinarUpcoming Webinar: Should I Move My Database to the Cloud?

So you’ve been running an on-premises SQL Server® for a while now. Maybe you’ve moved it from bare metal to a VM, and have seen some positive benefits. But, do you want to see more? If you said “YES!”, then this session is for you, as James Serra will review the many benefits that can be gained by moving your on-prem SQL Server to an Azure® VM (IaaS). He’ll also talk about the many hybrid approaches, so you can gradually move to the cloud. If you are interested in cost savings, additional features, ease of use, quick scaling, improved reliability, and ending the days of upgrading hardware, this is the session for you.

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What's new in Orion NPM 10.6

Created by Interspire Import, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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SolarWinds Orion NPM version 10.6 Features:

Web-based Reporting
  • Create and edit reports from within the Orion Web Console
  • Include both custom charts and custom tables
Worldwide Map of Orion Nodes Resource
  • Show Orion objects on MapQuest maps in the Orion Web Console
  • OpenStreetMap support enables custom locations and map styles
Universal Device Pollers (UnDP) on Maps
  • View custom poller values on Network Atlas maps
  • Improved interface for defining UnDP thresholds
Cancel Scheduled Unmanage Actions Directly from Node Management

Product Integration: NetFlow Traffic Analyzer
  • Monitor network bandwidth & traffic patterns
  • Identify which users, applications and protocols are consuming the most bandwidth
  • Highlight the IP address of top talkers
  • Analyze Cisco® NetFlow, Juniper® J-Flow, sFlow®, Huawei NetStream™ and IPFIX
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Alert Central 1.0 is Now Available (And It's Free!) 
Alert Central is a new free product intended to help you get the right alerts to the right people at the right time. Core features include:
  • Alert centralization and escalation
  • Group-centric management (with Active Directory integration)
  • Multiple on-call calendars per-group
  • Out of the box two-way integration with Orion alerting
  • Support for almost any third party and non-Orion source via email
  • Acknowledgement and escalation via both email and web interface
  • Advanced routing rules that let you slice and dice routing policies based on properties of the email/alerts
  • A weekly summary report with important stats
  • A web UI that works in browsers and mobile devices (as long as you can reach the AC server via VPN or internal network)
  • Plain text, rich text, and short text (for use with SMS) email templates
  • » Learn more
Integration with Virtualization Manager
  • View maps & performance of your virtual environment in context of the applications monitored in SAM
  • Identify storage IO problems in your VMware and Hyper-V infrastructure
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