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SNMPv3 credentials are missing after upgrading to NPM 12

Created by Dennis Harnett, last modified by Dennis Harnett on Nov 15, 2016

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Updated August 23, 2016


After upgrading from NPM 11.5 to 12, a warning appeared showing 900 and more nodes with SNMP issues. Upon further investigation, the Web Console did not have the necessary settings in the Node Details > Edit Node page.

The correct information was in the database.


NPM 12


Rare - Bug


During the upgrade process separate tables are created to facilitate the transfer of credentials. A rare issue where the tables are created but the data is not transferred can cause this snmp issue


Manually re-adding the credentials can resolve the issue though this is not feasible and is time consuming if there are 1000 nodes in question.

Development team has fixed this in the code.


For an immediate solution:

  1. Create a backup of the database.
  2. Run the following query:
    delete from NodeSettings
    where SettingName like 'ROSNMPCredentialID'
  3. Then run the following queries one by one:
    Update [dbo].[NodesData]
     SET SNMPV3PrivMethod = 'None'
     Where Len (SNMPV3PrivMethod) = 0 or SNMPV3PrivMethod is NULL
    Update [dbo].[NodesData]
     SET SNMPV3AuthMethod = 'None'
     Where Len (SNMPV3AuthMethod) = 0 or SNMPV3AuthMethod is NULL
    Update [dbo].[NodesData]
     SET RWSNMPV3PrivMethod = 'None'
     Where Len (RWSNMPV3PrivMethod) = 0 or RWSNMPV3PrivMethod is NULL
    Update [dbo].[NodesData]
     SET RWSNMPV3AuthMethod = 'None'
     Where Len (RWSNMPV3AuthMethod) = 0 or RWSNMPV3AuthMethod is NULL
  4. Complete the Configuration Wizard and it will re-migrate the credentials.


Note:-  If the credentials have migrated successfully then the SNMPV2PrivMethod, SNMPV3AuthMethod etc columns will be removed from the NodesData table.




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