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Home > Success Center > Network Performance Monitor (NPM) > Unexpected website error: The settings property 'LimitationID1' was not found.

Unexpected website error: The settings property 'LimitationID1' was not found.

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This error occurs while adding/modifying the limitations of existing accounts in NPM.

Unexpected Website Error: The settings property 'LimitationID1' was not found.


Special characters, such as &, are not allowed in NPM User Account Names because they are reserved characters in SQL statements.
As reserved characters they carry a unique function or meaning.  The & is used as an AND operator in SQL.



Ensure that User Account Names do not have special characters. For example, instead of using & in the Account Names you can use and

  1. Go to Web Console > Settings > Manage Accounts.
  2. Verify if the User Account Names have reserved characters such as &.
  3. Create New Accounts if required as the Account Names cannot be changed by editing them. Refer to Create New Accounts for more information.
  4. You have to discard the flawed account names by deleting the accounts or not using them.
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