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Unable to set the default status under Manage Nodes using an individual account

Updated January 10, 2017


When logging in as an individual account that has been added to the Orion console under an Active Directory Group, you are unable to set the default status under Manage Nodes.


All NPM versions


When logged in to the console as an individual but your account is part of an AD group, you are in effect logged in under two accounts: the group account and your individual account. 

All personal settings - group by, filters, and other settings are stored in the DB in the table WebUserSettings. This table stores the defaults for the account.

As you are part of the group, no settings are saved for your account. Instead, they default to the group settings which are not changed and always default to Vendor which is the predefined setting.


For example:

  • GROUP - win2008r2temp\Administrators
  • A member of the group - WIN2008R2TEMP\adminaccount

When you log in, you are logged under WIN2008R2TEMP\ADMINACCOUNT - WIN2008R2TEMP\ADMINISTRATORS.

You are working under 2 accounts:

  • All personal settings - group by, filters, other settings stored in the DB in the table WebUserSettings for a usual account:
  • For an individual within a group:

But the related win2008r2temp\Administrators has no setting at all. So when you are logged under an individual account you are working under a GROUP account which has a higher priority on top of individual.


There are several workarounds:

  • Create individual accounts instead of group accounts.
  • Update the Group account within WebUSerSettings you want to use.
    Note: Any individual within the group will use the same setting.
  • Go to Start > All Programs > Solarwinds Orion > Advanced Features > Database Manager > Add Default Server>

    Expand the NPM Database (default )SolarWindsOrion > Select Settings table > Right Click > Query Table and run the default query.

    • Find the following settings and update:

      Update WebNodeManagement_GroupBy set the value you want to the group by to default to

      Update WebNodeManagement_GroupByValue set and sub value you wish the group by to default to





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