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Unable to open Report Writer: Cannot connect to database

Created by Mariusz Handke, last modified by Karen Valdellon on May 17, 2017

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Updated May 18, 2017


This article addresses the following error that is displayed while opening Report Writer:

Cannot connect to DATABASE NAME database


  • All Orion Platform versions
  • Locally-installed SQL Server 


This error occurs because of any of the following:

  • Report Writer uses TCP/IP and named pipes to connect to the SQL Server. By default, the SQL Server only enables shared memory as a transport protocol. While installing Orion on the same server where SQL Server is installed, the configuration wizard creates dependencies on some services, such as Information Service, Job Engine, and Collector, which enables utilization of shared memory. But stand-alone applications like Report Writer do not have such dependencies and fails while opening with the error.
  • Weak ciphers are disabled.


Dependency issue

  1. Log in to the server with administrative privileges.
  2. Open SQL Server Configuration Manager.
  3. Expand SQL Server Network Configuration.
  4. Select local instance of SQL Server.
  5. In the right panel, right-click TCP/IP and select Enable.
  6. In the right panel, right-click Named Pipes and select Enable.
  7. Restart the SQL Server instance:
    1. In Registered Servers or Object Explorer, right-click the server instance that you want to restart, and then click Restart.
    2. When a message box asks if you are sure you want to restart the SQL Server on the server instance, click Yes.
      A green arrow on the icon next to the server name indicates that the server restarted successfully.

Disabled ciphers

Revert the changes to following cipher suites: 


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