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Home > Success Center > Network Performance Monitor (NPM) > Unable to change the request type for an Orion ticket

Unable to change the request type for an Orion ticket


Orion tickets with pre-defined request types cannot be modified and saved with any other request types.


All NPM versions.


Upon receiving an update for the request type change, Orion sends back an update that contains the initial request type. The system parses the update and reverts to the original request type. Orion tickets can then have only the same request type as defined in SolarWinds connection.


To change the request type of an existing Orion ticket you can change the request type in SolarWinds connection setup. 

Important: Changing the request type in the SolarWinds connection setup will impact ALL other Orion tickets as well, such that every new or updated ticket will have this request type.

To change request type in SolarWinds connection setup:

  1. Go to Setup > SolarWinds Integration > SolarWinds Connection.
  2. Select SolarWinds Source and click Edit.
  3. Change to the preferred request type and click Done.
  4. Choose the Orion ticket you wish to modify, select the new request type and click Save.
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