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The NetFlow tab is missing in the Orion Web Console

Created by Daniel Polaske, last modified by Michael Almadova on Aug 09, 2016

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The NetFlow tab is missing from the Summary page (and all subsequent pages) in the Orion web console. This issue may occur after you install SolarWinds Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA). 



  • Orion platform all versions



One of the following issues exists:

  • The Website Optimization section in the Orion Configuration Wizard was not completed properly when you installed the Orion console.
  • The NTA Flow Storage database was installed, but the NTA Collector was not installed.

    The NTA Collector resides on the Primary Polling Engine or an additional Polling Engine and is not dedicated in the same way as the NTA Flow Storage Database. 


  1. Ensure that the NTA Collector and the NTA Flow Storage Database are installed correctly. 

    See Installing NTA for details. 

  2. If NTA is installed, verify that you completed all sections in the Orion Configuration Wizard during the installation, including Website Optimization.

    See Run the Orion Configuration Wizard for details. 

  3. If the NetFlow tab does not appear in the Orion Console, rebuild your website. 

    See Clear Website cache and rebuild the website for details. 




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