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SolarWinds runs out of memory caused by multiple swjobengineworker2.exe processes

Updated September 13, 2016


Orion NPM server running out of memory swjobengineworker2.exe.

Error in the JobEngine logs:

ERROR:<WARN  SolarWinds.JobEngine.Engine.WorkerProcessWCFProxy - Kill failed
System.Management.ManagementException: Invalid namespace
   at System.Management.ManagementException.ThrowWithExtendedInfo(ManagementStatus errorCode)
   at System.Management.ManagementScope.InitializeGuts(Object o)
   at System.Management.ManagementScope.Initialize()
   at System.Management.ManagementObjectSearcher.Initialize()
   at System.Management.ManagementObjectSearcher.Get()
   at SolarWinds.JobEngine.Engine.WorkerProcessWCFProxy.KillProcessAndChildren(Process parent)
   at SolarWinds.JobEngine.Engine.WorkerProcessWCFProxy.Terminate()>


All NPM versions


When trying to kill the swjobengineworker2.exe, the application tries to make a call the OS WMI instance to run the query ProcessWCFProxy.KillProcessAndChildren. This is failing with the error:  Invalid namespace.

To test the WMI, run the WBEMTEST tool from Microsoft and query the local WMI instance.

The WMI test failed to connect to the local machine

This is a OS error. Please contact Microsoft to help troubleshoot.





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20:11, 12 Sep 2016