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Setup alert when the failover interface takes over

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This article provides steps on how to create an alert that will trigger when a Failover interface kicks in.



NPM version 11.5 and later


  1. Determine the two NodeID of the router's interface:
    1. OpenDatabase Manager > add Default Server > Expand the Solarwinds database.
    2. Right-click Interfaces table > Query Table > Click Execute Query then Search for the NodeID column and look the correct nodeID and take down the NodeID you prefer.
  2. On the Orion webconsole, go to Settings > Manage Alerts > add New Alerts.
  3. On the Trigger condition tab and on the I want to alert on dropdown menu, select Interface.
    1. Trigger alert when interface NodeID is equal to <NodeID from STEP1>.
    2. Trigger condition 
  4. Expand the Advance Options, enable Complex Conditions.
  5. Set a new trigger condition for the backup interface:
    1. Trigger conditions
  6. Click Next
  7. On the trigger Actions tab, define your preferred trigger action (eq. Email)
  8. Submit and save the settings


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15:28, 15 May 2017



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