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SNMPv3 test fails

Created by Malik Haider, last modified by Allain M Umalin on May 25, 2017

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This article provides brief information and steps to resolve the issue when the SNMPV3 test fails.


All NPM versions


The device is responding to SNMPv3 request with some Context Name, which is not been sent by Orion NPM. Therefore, when the information is returned under SNMPV3 packet its been rejected by Orion . 


SNMP credentials:
SNMPv3 Username: testuser
SNMPv3 Authentication Method: SHA1
SNMPv3 Authentication Password: test1234ro
SNMPv3 Privacy / Encryption Method: DES56
SNMPv3 Privacy / Encryption Password: test1234ro






However, device was responding back with testuser under contextname.




Resolution 1:

Either Context Name has to be configured on the device and then fed in the Orion NPM SNMPV3 or the  issue has to be corrected by the Device Vendor 


Resolution 2:

Remove the Context from the actual device. Refer to Troubleshoot an SNMP Node/SNMP Test Failed result


The SNMP test will also fail if these OID's are not returned: Make sure you are able to reach these OID"s when running SNMPWALK sysdescr sysobjectid sysuptime


How to run SNMPWALK for the node.


Resolution 3:

Scenario: Another device already added to Orion via SNMPv3 and customer is insisting it is identically configured with the affected node.


1. Check CollectorService.log and look for this similar error:

ERROR DataPreProcessing - Processing result: PollerResultWrapper: PollerType=N.Uptime.SNMP.Generic, NetObject=N:13 ErrorCode=79F2, ErrorMessage=Error 31218 - SNMPv3 - Wrong Digests - The authentication digest did not match to the expected result, possible incorrect key/password.


If they configured the device using Authentication-Key, it's entirely possible that they have the wrong one on the affected device. Create a separate SNMPv3 account and assign that to the node and see if that works. 


2. If same issue, request for screenshots on how they configured both working and non-working devices to check on the device model (JUNOS), authentication setup and if they set SNMP to use MAC Address for engine-id. See sample image below:

3. Ask the customer to implement SNMPv3 via 'authentication-password' instead of 'authentication-key'. It will be converted automatically to 'authentication-key' by using engine-id.

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